Greenland 2016

Dye II radar station

Back in 2016 I went on an expedition across the Greenlandic Icecap in a group of 11 people. I will remember this for as long as I live and luckily I have som fantastic images from the expedition as well.

Waterfall details

Hanging on

I keep coming back to one specific waterfall close to where I live. Its not the biggest one, but it keeps changing based weather conditions. I often find new aspects of the waterfall. And for some reason I have not posted this image on this page.

Negative space

Negative space is a effect used to strengthen elements in the frame. You don’t need to use just one colour, but the image above is a typical example where the lack of details in the mist actually draws attention to the two trees.

Autumn mist

The autumn is really beautiful. Especially all the different colors on the trees and the ground. I’ve also got a weak spot for partly frozen waterfalls, but there is one more thing I discovered recently. The beauty of the autumn mist as it rises from the ground and create great separation to the elements. I …