City walk in Berlin

I was given the opportunity to visit Berlin and of course I joined. For me, Berlin is a city with a lot of history but in this post I will focus on Berlin itself. There will be stand alone posting of the war history from the city.

My hotel was close by Alexanderplatz, one of the squares on Berlin. From here it is easy to get to most of Berlins areas as it has a station that covers underground, busses, trams and railways.

With Alexanderplatz as starting point, I went in loops at about 7-8 kilometers. Perfect lengths to cover most of the city center areas.

North east is Prenzlauer Berg. Walking the main street from Alexanderplatz is a quick way to get there. If you want to go even faster it is possible to take one of the many busses, trams or even the underground. Once you enter the area, you should search for one of the smaller side roads and less trafficated streets will appear.

My goal for the walk was Mauerpark. It is an interesting place where Berliners went out and planted flowers and trees when the wall was torn down. I had envisioned a more sprawling park, but it was very systematic.

On my way back I went past Zionskirckplatz. The church standing there is quite a building

The next day I went on a bigger trip south and west. There is a good deal of war history here, which I will come back to in a later post. Nevertheless, there is much else to look at here. What might be worth mentioning is Brandenbruker Tor, the Reichstag and the river that runs through Berlin.

One of the biggest advantages of living near Alexanderplatz is that Berlin’s TV Tower is located here. If you’re a bit lost, it is very easy to aim at the tower to get back. You can see it from most parts of the city.

The Berlin TV tower is seen from most parts of the city
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