Norwegian winter

The cold winter in Norway can be nice as well. When the temperatures creeps below -20oC the landscape turns into a more quiet one. The crisp snow reduces much of the sounds. Cars moving on snow instead of asphalt makes less noise as well.


One of my favorite areas is Trollheimen. It’s a national park just south of Trondheim. The area has everything from bare mountains to dense forest. The area beautiful the whole year. During the winter the whole area is covered in snow and the temperatures can get as low as -20oC. The trees get a nice …

Finding old pictures

Have you ever opened your photo library and started scrolling up and into the forgotten tails of your photographic history. When I established this web page I wanted to find the best pictures and I started scrolling.

My gear

My photography has never really been about the gear. Of course if I do find my area of photography to lack some kind of equipment I do spend a long time putting up comparisons between the alternatives on the marked, but once I’ve settled I don’t really pay that much attention to new and even …