Shutter speed

Camera equipment

Todays video is about the shutter speed. A short example on how the shutter actually work and how it affects the image you’re producing. Feel free to like and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more goodies

My first video

I’ve been wanting to create video content for a long time. I’ve done uncountable numbers of attempts but never been satisfied with the outcome. I guess I never really found a theme for them. One evening an idea stuck and it resulted in a product that I’m quite happy with. I’ve posted the video on …

The moon

A early morning as the moon was setting it got lit ut by the rising sun and parly covered by the morning mist

One morning I was out with my dog and fortunately I brought my camera. As the moon was dipping the horizon and the sun was on its way up, the mist also arose from the close by river. All together it was a magical morning. The morning can be quite challenging to capture. Especially when …

Cold winter

Cold winter at Orkla

The weather has been nice for a long time now. Crystal clear nights and some clouds in the horizon during the day. But since the days here up north are pretty short (only 6 hours at the time of writing this post) the temperatures will be creeping downwards. Right now it has stabilised at approximately …