Remember your batteries

Swamp under the snow

You might wonder what a picture of a snowy surface with a stripe of brown water has to do with the title “Remember your batteries”, well the story is quite simple and you will soon find out. 

The picture is actually a proof of a cellphone being able to capture the right moment even if there are better gear available. I was out in the woods with my fatbike. Far from everything I found a lonely pine at the end of a bog hole. It had been snowing heavily the past 12 hours but still the hole was partly open. Exited over this line drawing a contrast from the white snow and also leading attention towards the pine I had to stop and take the picture, only to find out that my camera was completely empty.

So what do one do? In my case I picked up the phone and had to walk around for a bit to find the perfect angle and distance. I know that my camera would have managed this a lot better, but I am quite pleased with the result anyway. It would have been nice with some snow falling or even some fog to white out the pines in the far distance, but the weater was not like that this day.

So the the morale of this post is to always check your batteries before leaving the house and of course to take what one has available and use that instead if the batteries run flat.

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