Norwegian winter

The cold winter
The cold winter

The cold winter in Norway can be nice as well. When the temperatures creeps below -20oC the landscape turns into a more quiet one. The crisp snow reduces much of the sounds. Cars moving on snow instead of asphalt makes less noise as well.

There is another aspect when taking photos in the cold. The camera is not meant to be operating in these temperatures, but most often it can be used even though. The front element can end up being covered in dew which then again gets frozen. My normal way of handling this is to put on a lens hood and then covering the whole lens and the hood with a sock without a toe (cut it of). This reduces the chance of dew on the front element.

I don’t cover the camera any further, but I do often keep my spare batteries I’m my inner pockets. If the battery goes low on power then I have a fresh and warm battery to keep me going.

The landscape has softened edges and the light gets reflected from every snow covered surface. This makes the light even harder to capture images of. And the camera most often gets distracted from this as well. You will typically see this as a bit dark and blue pictures. So a good tips when taking pictures is to overexpose some (crank the shutter speed down a stop or the aperture value down a stop). This results in the images that is a bit lighter and the camera observes the colors more correctly as well.

So now you know a bit of my winter photography. If you use it or not is up to you. Best thing you can do is to go out and try it out yourself.

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