One of my favorite areas is Trollheimen. It’s a national park just south of Trondheim. The area has everything from bare mountains to dense forest.

The area beautiful the whole year. During the winter the whole area is covered in snow and the temperatures can get as low as -20oC. The trees get a nice layer of soft snow and the uneven surfaces on the ground gets flattened out. The sun is visible only a couple of hours each day and when it is its very close to the horizon. The white snow and the low sun makes long shadows and contrasts.

And then when the spring comes the snow starts to melt and the green colors become visible once again. This time of the year can be both beautiful and quite rainy. The bypassing rain clouds can make a wonderful scenery.

Slowly the summer sets in, but still there can be snow in the upper parts of the mountains. The contrasts between the clear blue water, the saturated greens and the white snow can be a fantastic combination

The finally my favorite part of the year comes. All the green leaves and heather turns into variations of yellow and red. As this happens a fantastic combination of colors shows. If you catch this on a clear day you will find an amazingly saturated landscape witch you can get lost in for hours.

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